A philosophy of team-based management is demonstrated throughout Century Companies, Inc. Teams comprised of professionals with skills in field construction, professional management/ engineering, business management and customer care, work together to achieve success on every Century project. The company is engaged in a large number of widely scattered and management-intensive projects. To handle this unique challenge, Century teams reflect a level of experience and talent that would normally be associated with much larger firms.

All of the company’s construction and paving work is managed by teams comprised of a project manager, superintendent and customer service manager. These teams lead between 10 and 15 crews, depending on market demands and time of the year.

The management style is hands on, as Century’s leaders believe strongly that success begins and ends at the field level. The company directly employs more than 150 tradespeople and professionals. Employees enjoy a level of compensation and benefits uncommonly generous and broad in nature – a reflection of the importance placed on the talent of Century employees.

The success of Century is perhaps most attributable to the family like relationships of its management and field staff and their unselfish concern for the company. The employees are unparalleled in their ethics, and the communities in which Century works offer total support of the organization. Finally, Century has been fortunate to have found excellent opportunities in an otherwise difficult marketplace, success in developing a unique business model within the construction industry, and a hard working and devoted team that enjoys what it does.

Trust the success of your program’s construction requirements to the seasoned professionals of Century. Working in remote locations, Century has proven its ability to quickly and efficiently meet program constraints.