Century Companies, Inc. and its employees are committed to having a safe and productive work place. It is a concerted effort from all persons in the company and most of all, top management. We believe that even one on-the-job accident is not acceptable. Safety not just a policy but rather an attitude that surfaces in every job we do.

Century's success has been based on four principles

Safety, Quality, Experience and Integrity.

“Safety is not only our goal but an attitude.” Century works hard to ensure its safety and compliance procedures comply with federal, state and local regulations with emphasis on the OSHA and MSHA requirements that apply. Our safety director regularly reviews these procedures for necessary changes. We can proudly say that we have never been fined by any organization for noncompliance within our hot plants, gravel pits or paving crews.

Our safety program includes various, regular meetings. Our safety director meets monthly with the safety committee to discuss the most current policies, review injuries and prevention methods, develop new safety procedures and coordinate new safety objectives. Also, every crew is required to meet weekly for “Toolbox Safety Talks” to discuss various pertinent topics.

Employee Safety Incentives

Century’s commitment to safety has earned us an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of .77, which equates to the top 5% of accounts that have payroll in our class codes nationwide.” The Workers Compensation Bureau uses this EMR rating to calculate the workers compensation insurance premiums a company must pay. An EMR rating of 1.0 is considered average and ratings below that mark are harder to attain. What does that exceptionally low EMR mean to Century’s customers? It translates into high-quality, safe work done at a lower cost.

Our low EMR rating is attributed to the company’s strong safety program and the experienced and dedicated employees. “A low EMR rating doesn’t happen by accident. Our safety director has done an excellent job of getting everyone to recognize that safety pays. Century is proud of what our employees have accomplished.”

Safety Incentive Program

Century uses a Safety Incentive Program to reward employees for their safety-conscious efforts. The program awards eligible employees with incentive items based on an hourly points system. Accidents include personal injury as well as “wreck & neglect” incidents with equipment. This program was started in 2001 and has been embraced by all of the employees.

I have used Century Companies Safety program as a model
for other member companies as an example of what can be achieved.

~ Marvin Jordan
Risk Consultant, MCCF

Safety Indices and Awards

Experience Modification Rating (EMR)

2014 EMR Year: .77
5-year average: .83

285,155 Accident Free Miles

Montana Motor Carriers Association 2008

Lowest Claims Rates

Montana Contractors Compensation Fund